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We supply Fresh and PREMIUM QUALITY Japanese Green Tea at Lowest Possible Prices. Japanese suppliers and consumers are renowned worldwide for being QUALITY CONSCIOUS. Most  Japanese people have adopted quality culture as part of their Life and are enriched with Healthier Lifestyles. This is particularly true for the products they supply and consume themselves including their most favorite Natural Drink- JAPANESE GREEN TEA. Today, almost half of all the green tea consumed in Japan is grown and packaged in the Shizuoka region. Moreover, most Japanese believe that the best Japanese green tea comes from Shizuoka regions of Japan.

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Online Japanese Green Tea

We will provide you with the fresh and highest quality tea at the lowest possible prices in Singapore. Our green tea, which are made from tender leaves of the harvest season, promise a rich colour, unique flavour and assures an air of well-being. We offer you the best of green tea, without the usage of chemicals.

Premium Japanese Green Tea

The most popular beverage in Japan, green tea is a significant part of the Japanese food culture. Shizuoka is among the most renowned places for tea cultivation in Japan. As the Japanese tea industry has progressed with advanced processing, preserving and marketing techniques, we bring the essential flavour and freshness of the Japanese tea from the farmer to the customer so that you can make the best out of our high grade Matcha and Sencha Green Teas.
Green Teas offered in many shops are flavourless, stale and tasteless. However, with our PREMIUM QUALITY Green Tea, you will be able to experience the FRESH AROMA of many tea farms in Japan. With the  highest quality standards, right processing and packaging to shipping the tea to your doorstep, we will ensure that you will obtain our product in the BEST POSSIBLE CONDITION.
With our online sales, we will be able to offer you a lower price by doing away with the extra costs associated with distributors and wholesalers. Thus, with us, you will find the Japanese Green Tea of SUPERIOR QUALITY and LOW PRICE.